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Friday, 15 July 2011

Everyday makeup :)

Hellooooo :)
So this is my very first blog post and as of now i have zero followers haha! But i'm hoping that will change.. Fingers crossed anyway!
I decided that i wanted to write a post on how i do my everyday makeup, it's pretty simple but i wanted to show you anyway :)

To begin with i always make sure i'm applying my makeup onto a clean, moisturised face! I then use the 'I love... strawberries & milkshake glossy lip balm' to ensure my lips are nice and smooooth :) i tend to switch up which lip balm i use but i loveeeeeeeee the smell of this which is always a bonus.
I then put the elf 'Mineral Infused Face Primer' all over my face, i love this primer it makes my face feel so smooth and silky.  And for £6 it's definately a steal :) haha.
For foundation i use Rimmel's 'Renew & Lift' and  myface.cosmetics 'mymix foundation'. I mix the two together for the perfect shade. I lightly apply the foundation all over my face using the elf angled foundation brush from the studio line.

Next I apply concealer I use Max Factors 'Pan Stik' (although this isn't a concealer I find it works well for me) to conceal dark circles and blemishes. I gently pat the concealer into my skin rather than rubbing. I then use Maybelline's 'Dream Touch Blush', unfortunately i don't know which colour it is as it doesn't have a name :( but it does give a nice, rosy tint which i like a lot :)
Soap & Glory's 'Hocus Focus' works great for me as a highlight, i use it on my cheekbones, under my brows, down the bridge of my nose and on my cupids bow. You can also use it as a moisturiser or mix it in with your foundation, which i imagine would look rather lovely too! :)

On to the eyes..
First off i do my brows, i use a Wild and Crazy eyeshadow in the shade 'Too Sexy'. I comb my brows through to make sure they are where i want them haha! I then use an angled brush to fill in my brows, i use lighter strokes at the start of my brows and tend to use more product on the ends.
I then use a light eyeshadow similar to my skincolour from the Sleek 'Storm' palette (love it!!!!) to put all over my eyelid, this creates a nice, natural effect that's easy to wear through the day. I then pull a darker colour through my crease.
To define my eyes  i use the Bourjois 'Smoky Effect' eyeliner on my waterline and top and bottom lash line.
Then i curl my lashes and apply 2 coats of Max Factor's 'False Lash Effect Fusion'.

For my lips i use a GOSH lipstick in the shade 'Darling' which i'm sure you will have all heard about haha!! I do love a nude lip but just recently i've been using my 'Dream Touch Blush' over the top and i absolutely love the colour it gives.

So that's the makeup done :) heres what it looks like..



  1. HI there!
    Welcome to the blogging world!
    What a lovely way of starting a blog!
    YOu are definitely stunning!
    Great selection of products,

  2. Makeup looks really lovely as do you, good luck with blogging and enjoy it! xxx