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Sunday, 7 August 2011

My baby sister :) :) :) :)

Hey guys!
So the lack of posts recently has something to do with the fact that i now have a baby sister!!!!!! i love her so much!
She was born about a month ago and was almost a month and a half early, so she was a little poorly to begin with :( but she's home now and doing really well :)
Her name is Maddison Charlotte but everyone calls her Maddie.. i have a younger brother who's 13 and makes me laugh so much but i think every girl wishes they had a sister, technically she's my half sister but i wont call her that haha! and i also have 2 other younger half brothers

So now i'll post a few photos, enjoy :)

Hope you like :) and i'l be putting up a few more posts in the next few days!
lots of love xxxxxx


  1. How exciting =) I always wanted a little sister!
    Congrats, she's adorable.


  2. She is the sweetest thing, look at the little button nose! Congratulations to your whole family!

  3. Ahh thankyou everyone :) xxx